Riding a metro bus

  • For buses with two doors, you typically board through the rear door.
  • Upon boarding, take a ticket from the automatic dispenser. Hold onto this as it is needed when you get off to determine your fare.
  • Bus stops are shown near the front of the bus with accompanying fare information for each stop.
  • To get off the bus, press one of the many buttons on the wall. This alerts the driver and other passengers that the bus will be stopping at the next bus stop.
  • When you get off the bus, put your ticket with the proper fare in the box next to the driver. If you don’t have change, there is usually a change machine for bills and coins. The exact fare is necessary, and if you put more, you will not receive change.

Note that in Tokyo, Kyoto and other large urban areas, many routes have a flat fare, which is paid upon boarding the bus. In this case, passengers usually board from the front and pay immediately.

Recently, many bus companies have begun accepting contactless smart cards (Suica, Passmo, etc.), which are pre-paid. When riding a bus equipped with this type of system, simply touch the sensor upon boarding, then touch again when getting off. The bus fare is automatically deducted from the card.